Women in Entrepreneurship

From extensive research, the number of entrepreneurial women continue to grow as time goes by. More women are going for it. They are no longer afraid of doing things that in the past people would have considered manly. If anything, entrepreneurship has nothing to do with gender so the notion has always been out of place and more women are realising that. The various researches also show that more women are taking calculated risks in the business industry as compared to their male counter parts. In this article, we look at some of the women that have made it in entrepreneurship and what they did to get to the position that they are in currently.

How can women adapt this to their own busy lives?

From the many women out there doing their entrepreneurial thing, we can see that there is no field “for men” any more. Oprah Winfrey did well with her talk show and gave men like Steve Harvey a run for their money. Beyonce is making it in the music industry despite the male domination. The point is women no longer need to step back from the entrepreneurial limelight and can use one of the many amazingly strong entrepreneurial women out there as inspiration.

Entrepreneurship is not gender based and women can prosper in the field just like men. Citing an example of Oprah Winfrey, she grew up under hard circumstances. She even underwent molestation during her early years but that did not stop her from making her billions. Forbes currently ranks her amongst the most successful women entrepreneurs. The list of women who have succeeded in the field is endless.