Entrepreneurial Women We Admire

Some of the most successful women in the field of entrepreneurship that we admire include:

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is one of the most successful entrepreneurs. Born in 1954, Oprah is a media proprietor, a talk show host and an actor. Oprah is widely known because of her Oprah Winfrey show that attracted viewers from all over the world. During her career, she has won numerous awards due to her hard work and the positive influence that she has over her viewers. For instance, in 2013, she received a presidential medal of freedom from the then president of the United States Barrack Obama.

Oprah did not directly make it to the top with ease. While a child, she endured hardship and poverty. She grew up in the rural parts of Mississippi to a single mother. From her own testimony, Oprah say she passed through molestation and became pregnant at a tender age of 14 years. Sadly, her son passed on in infancy. Currently, Oprah’s net worth estimates to over $2.9 B as she continues to influence people with her entrepreneurial skills.

Lucy Peng

With her current net worth estimating to over $1.14 billion, Lucy is one of the founders of the Alibaba Group (a Chinese e-commerce business group). Currently, she serves as the executive chairperson of the Ant Financial Services, which is part of the Alibaba Group.

After graduating from Hangzhou Institute of Commerce in 1994, she went into teaching at Zhejiang University. Shortly after getting into marriage, she quit teaching and joined Jack Ma in founding Alibaba in the year 1999. Since then, she has grown to be a successful entrepreneur and her achievements speaks for her.


Beyonce is another woman that is successful in her entrepreneurial skills. She is a singer, an actor and a businessperson. During her tours, she makes more money than most of her male counterparts in the industry. She has built her success from scratch where no one could foretell she will be a success story that she is today.

Beyonce was born in 1981 and raised in Houston. As a child, she grew up performing in different dancing competitions and singing auditions. Her breakthrough however came during the 1990s when she joined the Destiny’s child girl-group. Here, she made a name for herself and decided to go solo in 2006. Today, Beyonce is a force to reckon in the industry. Married to another musician Jay-Z, they are a brand by themselves and whenever they go, they attract money.


Sara Blakely

Whenever there is mention of women and entrepreneurship the name, Sara Blakely comes to mind first. She is an American businesswoman and also a founder of an American company known as Spanx. As a daughter of a trial attorney, many expected her to study law. She failed in her law school admission test and ended up working at Walt Disney World for about three months. Shortly after that, she got herself a fax-selling job. Something she had to do door to door. She became so successful that she got a promotion to the national sales trainer at a tender age of 25. With this role, she was required to wear pantyhose. She disliked how the seams looked, and that is what led to her breakthrough.

With only 5000 dollars which she had saved up, she tried to present her idea to many Hosiery Mills but was turned down. Therefore she had to go back home. After some few days, one mill operator based in North Carolina offered to support her concept. For the rest of the year she, her mother and some friends personally tried the garments, and she did more research. Therefore she created different waistbands with a unique red colour. She managed to convince Neiman Marcus to buy it and also sent some of her products to Oprah Winfrey’s show and with that the Spanks Company was born.

Over the years Spanks has developed from a hosiery attire producing business to apparel, leggings and maternity wear company with coverage in over sixty-five countries. Sara’s primary business up to date is run her business. Sarah’s approach to her business is being prepared to fail. While starting up, she failed many times, but she never gave up. Therefore any woman, whether a mother or just a young lady in the process of studying should not give up on their dream. Matter of fact they should try and make it a reality no matter how busy their schedule is. They should not be afraid to fail for if it were not for the failures Sarah Blakely went through, we would not know who she even is today. To enable women not to give up she started the Sara Blakely Foundation to empower fellow women.

J.K Rowling

Born on 31st July 1965, she grew up in a difficult home. Her mother was battling sclerosis. She loved writing, and that was her source of inspiration. When J.K Rowling lost her mother she was forced to move and start afresh. She married and conceived but suffered a miscarriage. Soon after that she became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl. Her marriage didn’t last and to top up her list of miseries she was fired from her job. The situation led to her contemplating suicide.

Being a good writer, she wrote Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone and sent the first three chapters to a huge number of agents. Only one responded, and that is how her journey to becoming one of UK’s bestselling authors with her books being produced as films began. She finished writing the book while at the same time training as a teacher and raising her daughter Jessica.

She now is a qualified writer and is the 197th richest person in the world. She has a positive approach to business and has started anti-poverty and children’s welfare to help out the needy in the community. She encourages other people through her story especially women to not give up. Women can use her life as an inspiration by not giving up no matter what situation that they might be going through currently. For those women who love writing they can take up Jo’s story and use it as an inspiration. They should try and find time within their busy life to write that story because you never know, that piece of paper can change your life completely.

Debbi Fields

She was born in Oakland California. She was born in a family of four girls including her that makes five. Her father was a welder. In 1969 the owner of Oakland Athletics introduced baseball girls. Their principal duty was to sit near the foul territories and get baseballs. She was hired as one of the girls. From this job she managed to save the five dollars which she was paid and bought ingredients for her cookies. She would then sell them to the players during breaks. That was how she began.

When she got married to Randy Fields, she gave birth to five daughters. But even with such a family that demands a lot of attention, she began her business which she named Mrs. Fields. It grew into a national chain of businesses which she later sold for 100 million dollars. Although now she is just the spokeswoman she acts as motivation to women. Through how she tackled five children and still ran her business women are inspired. She is a good example of how you can manage to be a housewife and still manage to run a business. It all comes together through passion.

The above are just but few examples of women in the world of entrepreneurship. Their stories show that no matter the situation a woman is going through, provided she is passionate she can be whatever it is she wants. Don’t let your current situation define you!